Software Development

Noah Baxter is a seasoned software engineer and product designer with a strong focus on emerging audio and music technologies. After graduating from McGill University in 2018 and a brief stint working for the legendary George Massenburg, he spent a year at SIMSSA training AI models and building tools for optical music regonition of 14th century neume chant manuscripts. Afterwards he went on to work for the startup Subpac, where he developed real time audio processing and analaysis systems for optimizing music-focused haptic devices. More recently he worked on the MSG Sphere developing a suite of audio tools and plugins to streamline spatialized content creation for the Sphere's one of a kind 165k speaker array.

Noah specializes in bridging the gap between musicians, audio engineers and software developers, partially because he is all of these things at once. If you are interested in working with Noah, please reach out to him at with details on your project.

Services include: